Celebrities on MaybeNow

Celebrities on MaybeNow are not common; here celebrities come right on top of the game to engage directly with their fans. MaybeNow gives you the cutting edge platform where fans can ask questions directly to their favourite celebrities. Celebrities on MaybeNow could be from any field and they could have any number of followers but here they will be interacting with you directly.

Live shows are an added feature of celebrities on MaybeNow where you will be able to see all your favourite lives shows from various different channels. It is not just plain watchingtele, but being an active part of the show in order to interact with the show host and guests. Your comments will be delivered right through to the set of the live shows you are following. The host of the show will be taking your questions and comments and the guests will be seeing them live in front of them.

MaybeNow pulls all the plugs and brings you the live tv where you control the discussion. This is what really is interactive tv, with a bite.